Bio: Four year ago I began researching, filming, photographing, documenting Chemtrails and soon realized it was not a conspiracy theory but a fact. Within a short time I realized Chemtrails are only the tip of the iceberg. There is far more happening in our skies than most people can wrap their minds around. UFO's, strange cloud craft, Fallen Angel activity and much more. I live in the Antelope Valley, Ca. home of one of the larger Military Industrial Complexes. Edwards AFB, Northrop, NASA, Skunk Works along with numerous black budget bases scattered through the high desert. I have observed and filmed numerous strange anomalies, UFO's in our skies including obvious experiments involving Chemtrails and cloud experiments. In this post I will be sharing what I have documented. Here is the bottom line... I am not posting anything for notoriety, recognition or profit. There are things coming upon the earth that will cause men's hearts to fail. The only protection from all this is to have a personnel relationship with Jesus Christ.

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